woensdag 1 maart 2017

Skincare - Nivea Clear-Up Strips

Purifying clear-up strips enriched with fruit acids

Hi everybody!

Yep, I'm obsessed with skincare at this moment. I really want to work towards this perfect poreless skin, so I'm trying out tons of skincare to try and achieve better skin. Using new products, obviously means my skin is changing.
My dry skin, now has some more oily bits and some larger pores around my nose and forehead. With larger pores, come along the black heads.

I've seen tons of videos doing the black blackhead masks, even DIY ones with craft glue and charcoal powder. There's no way I'm putting glue on my sensitive skin, so I went on the hunt for blackhead masks in my local stores. At DI, I found these Nivea Clear-Up Strips, so I decided to try these out.

In a package, you get 4 big nose strips and 2 bags with 2 smaller patches, which you can use on your chin and/or forehead.

Retail Price at DI: (I will check when I pick them up next)
Retail Price at Kruidvat: €6,79

The strips are advised to use on normal skin, although they are not really harsch, you can get away with them on dry skin too. 

The strips are skin-friendly and dermatologically tested.

How do they work?
The strips are only activated when in contact with water, which will make them attach to all impurities that clog up the pores and they deep clean them.
I like to use water from a spray can (like the Evian one in the picture) because you can literally spray and immediately apply the strip. I've tried with a washing cloth before, but it was just not wet enough.

Do not put water over the strip at any point, because the glue doesn't work anymore after that. 
Make sure you let the strip dry down completely before slowly removing the strips for the edges towards the centre.
More detailed instructions can be found on the individual packages.

While wet, the strips are really flexible and movable, so you can make them fit around your nose really well. 

The formula has a delicious lemon smell, wish leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean.

I'm really a fan, because they do the job and they are not harsh or irritate the skin!

TTFN! Ta Ta for now!